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We are a creative network offering full service
and are available for our male and female customers in all respects of a responsible and future-oriented development as a consultant and implementation partner.

Traunstein, Austria by Georg Krewenka

KOMUNITAS stand for a honest treatment of one another within our enterprise, as well as for a honest treatment of our male and female customers and partners. It is important to us to be able to work with joy, and to live this joy.

Striving for true cooperation in an environment of a lively quality handshake is our common basis and runs like a golden thread through all areas of our enterprise.

Full commitment to a great target

Our team of 20 employees commit themselves, together with our long-standing cooperation partners, full of energy and passion to all projects and orders.

In the course of cooperation, we are completely dedicated to persons and processes. We gladly orient ourselves towards what is needed for the project or by our counterpart, and such "serve" our common target: a successful, sustainable project!

with heart and mind

You are the experts of your daily business. We bring to light your organizational knowledge, and accompany you by additional inputs and measures on the way towards success! When it is about leaving existing patterns of thinking and action, you can rely on a strong partner with international and intersectoral experience.

Our experts are in demand internationally, and consult projects in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia.

Quite much, quite good

"Quite", however, is an understatement. We offer very much of our strength. The KOMUNITAS OG and their associated network has been in existence for 10 years now. Such in the meantime we are able to resort to a huge pool of experience, employees and experts, partners and projects in the most different areas. We do, what we can, and this is relatively much, and we are quite good at it, because we do it with joy.

We will bring you in front of the curtain.

Under the trademark KUTECH Web & Werbung (web & advertisement) we offer comprehensive services in the areas of web, advertisement, advertising technology, object signposting and IT. It is our target to be perceived as a competent contact partner by enterprises, from individual entrepreneurs up to groups or public institutions and associations. It is our task to find out, together with our customers, which measures are useful in the respective case, and to implement them at the best.

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We are shaping the future right now

"Industry 4.0“ and innovative automation are on the rise, and form the basis of sustainable production. Through targeted connection between software and hardware, new opportunities for producing enterprises come into existence. Already for more than 10 years, we have been active in the areas of information technology, innovation, enterprise consulting and state-of-the-art production, and today we use our competence successfully on an international scale under the trademark of nu IT.


We change the world

Life is more successful, if we live together instead of against one another. This applies also to economic activity! A challenge of our times is sustainable economic activity, i.e. to harmonize environmental awareness, social thinking and the entrepreneurial core business. goodworks links apparent opposites.

An essential part of our activity is procurement between social economy and private economy using the principles of sustainability and appreciation, as well as promoting social innovation in the area of socio-ecological entrepreneurship.

You will find all information about goodworks and the goodworks market place under:

Bernhard Kuderer

Managing Director

Bernhard Kuderer gathered professional experience in waste economy, and later on he was active in the import-export business and online trading. Through his subsequent studies at the Krems Danube University, subject area of "New Media Management", as well as the establishment and leadership of the previously independent KUTECH agency, the KOMUNITAS successfully placed themselves on the international market in the areas of new media and smart factory.

As a father of three children and as a young farmer, he lives for his family, nature and the production of high-quality luxury stimulants and food.

Franz Rybaczek

Managing Director

Franz Rybaczek is a trained businessman, visionary and strategist. In the 80ies, he considerably participated in the establishment of initiatives like the "environmental consultants" and the Lower Austrian "suppliers from the farm". Today, he is Waste Manager of the municipal association of Lilienfeld, pioneer of the goodworks initiative, and shareholder of the Lebensart VerlagsgmbH (publishing house).

As a confessing Christian, father of four children and grandfather of seven grandchildren, he always strives to develop the enterprise in a sustainable, positive direction in the καιρος (right moment), and he always succeeds brilliantly!

phone: +43 (0)02274 210 76
fax: +43 (0)2274 213 70



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